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Foresta Di Avventura

Parco divertimenti / Parco per il tempo libero

Meteo di oggi Nuvoloso, precipitazioni nevose ‎6° Nuvoloso, precipitazioni nevose
sabato 8<i>°</i>‎8°
domenica 8<i>°</i>‎8°

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An adventure forest has been opened in July 2004 in Saas-Fee. Swing on a liana from tree to tree or walk unsteadily across hanging bridges: a forest full of adventure for the whole family with various routes and degrees of difficulty. Discover the forest via aerial trekking. You will slide down tyrolean lines and move from tree to tree on suspension bridges and other fun activities. This sensationel experience, open to all those who measure at least 1.10 m, is carried out at your own rhythm There are 3 different routes: Introduction route Discovery route for our little adventurer (from 1.10 m height). The kids can be accompanied by their parents. The long route For adults and children (from 1.40 height). The longest "tyroliennes" (cable pulleys) in Europe The two spectacular "tyroliennes" over the gaping Fee Gorge are the centrepiece of the adventure forest. The longer of the two, at a dizzy height, measures an adrenalin-charging 280 metres. The shorter one, which is used on the way back, is also an awe-inspiring 210 metres long.


Orari d'apertura:

13.06.-27.06.09 e settembre/ottobre: giornalmente dalle ore 12.00 alle ore 18.00, ultima alita alle ore 16.00 28.06.-31.08.09: giornalmente dalle ore 09.30 alle ore 19.00, ultima salita alle ore 17.00


Percorso grande (adulti e bambini a partire da 1.40 m) Adulti CHF 28.-/EUR 18.-, con carta di soggiorno CHF 32.-/EUR 21.- Bambini (fino a 15 anni) CHF 18.-/EUR 12.-, con carta di soggiorno CHF 21.-/EUR 14.- Percorso di scoperta (adulti e bambini a partire da 1.10 m) Adulti CHF 20.-/EUR 13.-, con carta di soggiorno CHF 24.-/EUR 15.- Bambini (fino a 15 anni) CHF 15.-/EUR10.-, con carta di soggiorno CHF 17.-/EUR 11.-

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