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A traditional village The Hamlet of Verrey reveals an interesting architectural assembly that is representative of a traditional village of the Valais with it's wood and stone houses its stables, barns and storehouses. The habitat was constructed close together in order to make the most of the land for agriculture. The Hamlet is already mentioned in historical documents dating as far back as the middle ages as the count of Savoie had a Tithehouse there in the 13th Century when the cereal fields and meadows benefited from maximum sunshine and it was highly desirable land. With the arrival of foreign flour and as a consequence the reduction of livestock, the agricultural land was abandoned little by little and the village lost its importance. In 1988 there were only two remaining inhabitants in Verrey. The buildings rapidly deteriorated without proper maintenance. In the 1990's, people regained an interest in the village and some houses were slowly brought back to life.

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