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Leaving from the "mayens" (old alpine chalets) of Pracondu, one penetrates this forest of spruce trees in the direction of the Alpine region of Pra da Dzeu. In the humid undergrowth you will have the urge to look for mushrooms. Everywhere you look you will find traces of the squirrels' last meal and the old tree trunks bearing the marks of passing woodpeckers. Suddenly, the luminosity in front of you starts to break through and a few steps more and you are dazzled by the light. The Gouille d'Ouché stretches out in the sun before us. An open space in the middle of the forest, it is now only a "gouille" (small lake) by name. When the Bisse of Saxon, which runs dozens of metres further above, was still functioning it was the place where once a lake mirrored the trees and animals. In fact, this depression in the ground served to empty the Bisse. If there was a problem with the alignment of the canal, the warden of the Bisse could divert the water into this outlet and thus avoid damage to the prairies and buildings down below. In our time it is the kingdom of ants and frogs and a vast number of humid-loving plants find a suitable home there. In all seasons the gouille d'Ouché is worth making a little detour for: in spring and summer for the flowers that grow around it, in the autumn for the range of colours and above all in the winter when the snow smoothes out the relief of the area. One doesn't therefore see on its surface the traces of the hares or foxes that dare to wander in there.

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