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Pra da Dzeu is a patois name meaning "the meadow in the forest". This alpine area was already used in the Middle Ages by the people of Nendaz and Isérables and was the object of greed for both parties for many years. In 1295, an agreement was reached that stipulated livestock where allowed to wander freely along a communal area between Ouché and the Pra da Dzeu. If the livestock crossed the boundaries of this area, it was chased with consideration and without cruelty. Afterwards, the people of Nendaz gave up their share of the communal pasture. The meadow is situated in an area of limestone rocks which explains the presence of many "dolines". The area is traversed by the Bisse of Saxon which directs the water from the Printze up towards the hilltop of the village of Saxon in the plane of the Rhône. Along the route of the Bisse you encounter some magnificent spruce trees that have taken advantage of the humidity provided by the canal in order to flourish. In all seasons, this idyllic place conveys calm and serenity.

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