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For a long time, rocks have intrigued historians and the mystery of their origin has yet to be revealed. Sacrifice tables, representation of the constellation and a place of worship. On arrival at Siviez, take the road that climbs towards the right, and then, by the reservoir, take the path to your right on a flat route towards the Rhône valley. You will soon arrive at the site of Inalpe at Siviez, "Dena Vio". On the left side of the track you will see a large rock placed flat on top of another. This is the rock of the Saint of Siviez that was put there to avoid it ever disappearing. On this rock you can clearly distinguish an engraved circle in the stone and it is guessed it is the centre of cupules? It is unknown when and by whom this rock was engraved but it has given rise to a legend of many different versions.

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