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Collection of Classical Antiquities: The museum in the former paper warehouse. Aphrodite, Laocoon and Cleopatra are only three of the 230 Greek and Roman sculptures on display as plaster casts in the Classical collection. The collection was assembled in 1806, when the Republic of Berne ordered casts to be used for drawing lessons at its academy. Since then the pieces have experienced a chequered history reflecting changing artistic tastes in the Western world. Since 1994 the plaster casts have been housed in a former paper warehouse. The industrial character of the space was a formative influence on the design of the exhibition: the sculptures stand on wooden transport palettes or concrete pipes. These untreated industrial elements make an appealing contrast to the casts on exhibit. A second room contains a collection of small original works of Classical art.

Le informazioni qui riportate sono curate dagli enti del turismo regionali/locali: Svizzera Turismo non può perciò assumere alcuna garanzia relativamente ai loro contenuti.