The world of energy

Energy is the cause and driver of all change. For almost 100 years, the Swiss energy company Axpo has been providing secure, reliable and sustainable electricity to Switzerland – so that the world will never stop turning.

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In its almost 100 years of existence, Axpo has grown into an international company that remains anchored with its roots in Switzerland.

With its unique mountain landscape, Switzerland is not only a travel and hiking paradise. The Alps and nature in general also act as a resource for electricity production. The country's topography is ideally suited for the generation of hydroelectricity, which at around 56 percent serves as the central pillar of Swiss electricity production.

As the largest Swiss producer of hydropower, Axpo is more or less at home in the mountains. It is therefore even more important to us to protect the resources that we wish to continue to use for a long time. It makes sense then that Axpo is committed to its home country, above and beyond its business interests. As official partner of Swiss Tourism, Axpo promotes Switzerland as a sustainable and attractive travel destination.

Insights into the world of energy
Energy should not only be used, but also experienced. Axpo and its power plants offer exhibitions and many other opportunities in this regard:

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