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Tipi-Stube Biel, 1700m


Beckenried: Seelisbergtunnel Nord

Beckenried: Seelisbergtunnel Nord

Beckenried: Bootshafen Rütenen in

Beckenried: Bootshafen Rütenen in

Beckenried: Klewenalp

Beckenried: Klewenalp

Beckenried: Klewenalp Stockhütte

Beckenried: Klewenalp Stockhütte

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Cheese cake, fondue, Alpine macaroni, Tipi platter and a range of small snacks


The cosy Tipi-Stube Alpine hut is directly by the Chälen ski slope on the Chälen toboggan run and on the way to the Brisenhaus. The Tipi-Stube is an hour’s walk from the mountain station. The sun reappears at the end of January. The Tipi-Stube is redecorated every winter. In summer there is a stall here with 16 cows. In summer there are 3 - 4 tipis at the tipi village for overnight accommodation. A winter tipi is currently being built.

Feel great after a long day on the snow and before the final descent with a spell in the sweat lodge before cooling off in the snow outside. There is room for 5 people in the sweat lodge.


Altitude: 1,700 metres

Accessibility: Winter hiking trail, toboggan trail, ski slope and ski tour

No. of seats: Up to 30 seats on the terrace as well as in the restaurant

No. of deck chairs: 8, incl. covers

Overnight accommodation: No

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