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Territet: Montreux

Territet: Montreux

Villeneuve VD: Lake Leman from - port

Villeneuve VD: Lake Leman from - port

Rochers de Naye › West: Les Pléiades

Rochers de Naye › West: Les Pléiades

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Energy City Initiated in 2001 by the SuisseEnergie (Swiss Energy) programme as a "platform for an intelligent energy policy", the "Cités de l'énergie" (Energy Cities) promote the use of renewable energy sources, supportable environmental mobility and sustainable resource management. Montreux is one of 355 Energy Cities in Switzerland.

Vevey aims for 2000-watt-society status Vevey is one of 6 Swiss pilot cities aiming for 2000-watt-society status. The goal: to limit the quantity of energy per person per year to 2000 watts and limit CO2 emissions to 1t per person per year, by 2100, to ensure equity of energy resources throughout the world.

Montreux Riviera Card Each guest staying in a hotel in the Swiss Riviera receives a card granting free use of public transport in and around the town throughout his stay.

Fairmont Montreux Palace 5*sup In 1990 the Fairmont Group launched its "Environmental Partnership" programme which also includes an "eco-meeting" component, relating to accommodation, catering, service and the programme offered. Thus the Montreux Palace now has its own herb garden and favours local and organic cuisine.

Golf de Lavaux The first course in Switzerland to receive the IGOLF diploma in 2011, Golf de Lavaux is situtated amongst protected vineyards and is committed to sustainable development. Farmers in the region cut down the dry meadows. The waste grass is collected, mixed with animal manure, then processed into fertilizer which is spread over certain parts of the course. Five hectares (more than 10% of the playing area) are kept as ecology zones where golfers are not allowed.

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