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Experts who organise conferences and seminars are regularly invited to take part in study trips in Switzerland. But this original and professional type of promotion has never before been applied in the field of conference and seminar tourism marketing anywhere in Europe. The Switzerland Meeting Trophy allows participants to get to know Switzerland in a fun way while offering partners (destinations and service providers) who work with Switzerland Tourism an opportunity to establish new contacts.

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Karin Bohlin Sauce, Hummingbird Grupp & Konferens Sweden (Team Nordics 2016)
Everything before, during and after the Switzerland Meeting Trophy was spotless and so very well planned and implemented. Our team did our best and you were the perfect host.
Once again - - - t h a n k y o u - - - for inviting me and for letting me be a part of the Team Nordics!

Anna Olekheyko, UniFest Travel (Team Russia 2016)
I always thought that Switzerland is all about trains, cheese, chocolate, watches, banks and punctuality. And it has turned out that it has more than 50 types of apricots, about 200 types of wine. Shock?! Reality!
Most of all I loved the mountains. Under any weather conditions they cause many feelings, bring joy and happiness and let you work out hard. They make you tired and make you love the whole world. Therefore I was glad that this year Verbier has been included in the program. It is quite difficult to highlight best moments as we have seen a lot. Unambiguously I was impressed by the Charlie Chaplin's museum most. I'm sure if we had more opportunities to learn new openings of other countries in a similar format, the world would become better. This format is interesting for 110%: getting to know the country, non-standard approach, mega-positive emotions and competitive spirit which won't allow to forget about the trip!
It seems to me that all teams were united by common desire to see the beautiful country, to receive a maximum of positive emotions and competitive spirit. The coolest thing that has occurred in all teams, is teamwork and collaboration!
Many personal and professional thanks to the organizers of the Meeting Tropy!!

Cate Banfield, BCD Meetings & Events (Team North America 2016)
What a GREAT few days in Switzerland….
We all agree onsite that it must have been no small feat to plan an event for 80 Mtg Planners who have seen and done so much around the globe! But you guys nailed it….fantastic format that blended education and fun perfectly.
Thank you for all the wonderful Swiss touches and for your incredible partners who brought the experience to life for us all. I was so impressed by the destination and options available and look forward to sharing my experience with our clients and internal teams to sell Switzerland.

Kim Hester, JNR Incorporated (Team North America 2016)
I would love to chime in here as well with my thanks and appreciation for a spectacular trip! Caroline, your team and all the vendors really impressed everyone with the experience and the amazing way you showcased such a lovely part of Switzerland. What a fabulous incentive destination! The physical beauty is a given there but in addition the genuine warmth and hospitality of everyone we met was so evident. I also really enjoyed the camaraderie of our team…..I think we can be very proud of our 2nd place finish. The Belgians may know their chocolate percentages but I can assure you I enjoyed eating my medal as much as anyone could!

Thanks again for the wonderful hospitality and all your efforts – they were so appreciated. I hope to return soon with a group in tow!

Joy Lewis, MotivAction (Team North America 2015)
Video testimonial
Anna Gerova, HelmsBriscoe (Team Great Britain 2015)
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Anatoly Kuryumov, IBC Corporate Travel (Team Russia 2015)
There’s a fabulous reason to organize your event in Switzerland. The small country is a perfect match for a fabulous event of any size. One of those events showed it all to lucky Russian team who won the milky prize this year and I am proud to have been a part of that team. The invitation to take part in a Meeting trophy undoubtedly sounded something special I had to take. The trophy takes you through the swiss cultural sites, ways to travel, cuisines to enjoy and good locations for your meetings and events to conduct all year round. You are on the move for two complete days with the book of questions on interesting-to-know facts and figures and national sporting activites in which one may demonstrate his national character but with a swiss touch. On top of everything I would like to thank all organizers for one of the best events in my life. Indeed, the way the Trophy was done was interesting, emotional and good for our business.

Joy Lewis, MotivAction (Team North America 2015)
It was fabulous – the local staff were great and I was able to see a lot of things in my brief few days in Switzerland. Time was well maximized. The entire Switzerland Meeting Trophy trip was so well planned and executed. I am in love with Switzerland and cannot wait for the opportunity to sell it as a destination.

Blog post by Anna Dyer (Team Great Britain 2015)
on TTA at the Switzerland Meeting Trophy 2015 including video

Siân Pelleschi,
Top Venues & Events (Team Great Britain 2015)
The Switzerland Meeting Trophy is a unique and inspiring way to get to know the country and all it has to offer. Having attended the trip recently I can safely say that it’s been one of the most memorable familiarisation trips I’ve ever done in my 15 years within the event industry. Allowing us not only to experience a taste of everything they have on offer here, we got to see the sights and sounds of the beautiful country and got to know the suppliers in a relaxed and informal way, it was perfect. The only real complaint I would have would be the weather – apparently the hottest it’s been in over 70 years – but hey, I shouldn’t really complain and if that was the only problem I don’t think it can really be counted :)
Thanks to Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau for such a well organised and perfectly executed way to get to know a country. Good luck to the next country who try to do the same thing – you have a lot to live up to!

Harald Huebner, Mediate Travel Ltd (Team Great Britain 2015)
The Meeting Trophy was a success from start to finish. The flight with Swiss from Dublin to Zurich was quick and without a hitch. I learnt a lot, met great people and actually had time to get to know some of them. People make a difference and I found out that Swiss are fun, open minded and business oriented. The Trophy was well planned and executed with a good balance of activities, landscape and information. A great format – highly recommended. It is clear that a lot of thought and effort went into this. I will recommend it, talk to my peers and colleagues about it and of course our clients.

Online Article by Debra Pankhurst (Team North America 2015) on Touring Switzerland – The Perfect Adventure

Kathy Artuso, BCD M&I (Team North America 2014)
The Swiss Convention team did a fantastic job in showcasing their beautiful destination. My biggest take away was learning so much about the various regions while experiencing how quick and easy it is to get around. It was first class all the way!

Cindy Kramer, Aimia (Team North America 2014)
This was definitely one of my favorite and most memorable FAM/Educational trips ever.

Michelle Wallace, Pr1me (Team North America 2014)
It’s expensive, but the quality’s so high, that’s no problem.

Lisa Steinert, Fox Premier Meetings and Incentives (Team North America 2014)
A great opportunity to exchange ideas. Would have liked more time to do more of that.

Warren Culbreth, Bishop-McCann (Team North America 2014)
The service level and attention to detail was fabulous, beyond valuable. And beyond a shadow of doubt, I’ll recommend Switzerland.

Taylor Harrison, VIP Incentives (Team North America 2014)
The events helped you feel a country as well as learn about it. Which makes it much easier to sell to clients.

Linda Persall, Incentive Team International (Team North America 2014)
There’s something unique about each region and you could get so quickly from one environmental experience to another. FAM trips usually just show, with this one you really experience emotionally.

Jennifer Perry, Ashfield Meetings & Events (Team North America 2014)
We’re competitive by nature in this industry, so this Trophy concept was perfect.

Su Eells, TenDot (Team North America 2014)
Great that everyone speaks English and unlike in some countries, are happy to do so. Wish we had more time to shop, the stores are beautiful.

David Block, Journalist (Team North America 2013)
Switzerland gets in the Game Article on, 31st July 2013

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