24. GEN
-08. MAR

11:16 - 15:45 CET

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The steam train passengers are mesmerized by gleaming metal, the smell of coal fire, hissing steam, flying sparks and the smooth hum of a powerful machine.
Since 1871, Europe’s first mountain train has been climbing up from Vitznau to Rigi Mountain. Locomotives and cars from the early years have been lovingly and professionally restored. Today, the Rigi Railways own one of the largest vintage train fleet in the world. A ride in an old-style car pulled by a steam engine make the journey to the Queen of the Mountains an exclusive, nostalgic adventure.

The number of seats is limited to 120 per ride
Attractive group arrangements available daily upon request

Sa/Su: 24.1 and 25.1.15
Sa/Su: 14.2. and 15.2.15
Sa/Su: 7.3. and 8.3.15



Prezzo CHF

Valid train ticket plus a CHF 20 steam train surcharge

Orari d'apertura

Departing Vitznau at 11.16 a.m., arriving Rigi Kulm at 12.33 p.m. Departing Rigi Kulm at 2.30 p.m., arriving Vitznau at 3.45 p.m.

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