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In April 1977 the «Aarberger Puce» a flea- and antiques-market, was founded by a handful of idealists and two dozens dealers. Since then the market has been held twice a year, always the last Friday and Saturday in April and in August. The number of exhibitors has risen to 250 and the «Puce» - as the market is commonly referred to - has become one of the greatest and most atmospheric
flea-markets in Switzerland. At the end of April and August, thousands of visitors come to Aarberg - a beautiful historic village - to get hold of a collector's item, to relax and to have a look to rummage through the wide range of objects on offer.

Öffnungszeiten: Fr 09 - 19 Uhr, Sa 09 - 17 Uhr


Località evento

3270 Aarberg

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