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This fair takes place every year on the Monday of the Federal Fast (Jeûne fédéral). It’s the day that the sheep are brought down to the village to be sold, after several months high up on the mountainsides.

The Schafscheid is a traditional folk fair that takes place in the centre of Jaun. For the first time in 2010, a herd of cows also took part in the Schafscheid.

In recent years, the market has been extended. You can find almost everything: baskets of fruit, pullovers, pictures, various types of handicraft and a good deal besides.

Furthermore, this day ends in the evening with a traditional dance in the various restaurants of the village.

9 am: the sheep arrive in the village : about 250 sheep from the Alpe Schafberg

11 am: “Désalpe” (return of the herd of cows from the high alps) from Alp Pilarda

Bars and activities in Jaun and Im Fang, special “Sheep Fair” menu


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1656 Jaun

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