Chemin du Gruyère: The Swiss Chocolate and Cheese Trail

Charmey – Gruyères

Lac de Gruyère

Lac de Gruyère

This trail tempts like no other, from the heavenly chocolate at Maison Cailler in Broc to the legendary cheese of Gruyeres.

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상세 정보

Starting point:Charmey
Getting to the starting point:Post bus to Charmey post office 
Getting to the destination:Train or post bus from Gruyeres / Pringy
Physical fitness:medium
Hiking time:3h10
Season:march till november


Surely no other trail is more deserving of the description "sensational" than the Gruyere Route. Right at the start in Charmey this diverse trail runs past the tempting wellness and fun thermal baths. It then meanders along Lac de Montsalvens with its fjord-like inlets before being swallowed up on the other side of the dam wall by the spectacular Jaunbach Gorge, where its real highlight lies. Wooden walkways, tunnels and rock galleries, little waterfalls and polished rocks make of this adventurous section a family-friendly excursion.

Located in the brand new visitors' centre in Broc (opened in April 2010), Maison Cailler is a company steeped in tradition, enticing its guests into the world of chocolate with the slogan "pure chocolate - pure emotion". Their tour lasts twenty minutes and ends there where it all begins - with making chocolate.

The little medieval town with its imposing 13th century castle is then visible already from afar. At its foot, Maison du Gruyere invites you to discover the legendary Gruyere cheese. Exhibiting fragrances and flavours, it is a complete sensory experience. And if this is still not enough excitement for one day, then take the cable car to the vantage point on the summit of Mount Moléson and let the day become complete there.

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