Hotel Albrici (Swiss Lodge)


스위스정부관광청 공식 추천
Sfazù: Skilift Zarera

Sfazù: Skilift Zarera

Poschiavo: Grigioni (Swizzera)

Poschiavo: Grigioni (Swizzera)

Back in 1848, this was the first hotel in Poschiavo. Centrally located on the quaint village square. All rooms have been refurbished and are equipped with shower and WC. Ristorante-pizzeria serves Poschiavo and seasonal specialities, with crisp pizza straight from the wood-fired oven. The establishment is famed for the stunning dining room with portraits of Sybils, the cosy hotel bar with its open fireplace and its extensive terrace on the village square.

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The mansion was built in 1682 by Bernardo Massella and was the venue for the "Illuminati di Baviera". The first Italian translation of Goethe's "The Sorrows of Young Werther" was printed here. Antique furnishings, lofty rooms, thick walls, rooms with a nostalgic touch and open fireplaces bring the past to life again. Unique location on the traffic-free village square.


Special distinction 1998

Distinguished "for the diligent care of the 17th century Hall of the Sibyls and the conservative restoration of the building".

The Masella family constructed a stately manor in the village square of Poschiavo in 1682. In 1848, the estate was sold to Podestà Pietro Albrici and remains to this day in the possession of his descendents. Together with the church, this hotel is one of the most important buildings on the village square. There are several significant areas inside, such as the hall-like vaulted corridor, the Saletta on the ground floor and richly paneled hall on the first floor. In the 90s the owners started renovations in close collaboration with the Department for the Preservation of Historic Buildings and Monuments, rounding the work off by restoring the façade in 1996. Their efforts have added great value to the appearance of the Poschiavo village square.

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