- 스위스정부관광청

편의시설 Kreuzlingen

업데이트 일자: 2004년 11월 23일 (화)

Resort information / access  
Inhabitants - total: 17400
City  X 
By a lake  X 
Accessible by public bus  X 
Accessible by public boat line  X 
Accessible by private car  X 
Local bus with regular schedule (all year round)  X 
Distance to Intl. Airport  
max. 1 h  
Lodging all year round  
Youth hostel  X  Member SYH
Backpacker / Low-Budget Hotel  X 
Sport and Wellness all year round  
Fitness trail / Vita-Parcours  X 
Finnish runway / ash trail  X 
Culture / Entertainment all year round  
Concerts, regularly organized  X 
Other information all year round  
Congress center - capactiy of biggest hall - number of persons: 6000
Sports and Wellness in summer  
Biking in Switzerland, town/resort along the way  X 
Beach volleyball terrain, public 2 Number
Other information for summer  
Camping ground in summer  X 
Top News / New infrastructure winter  
Top News winter: Am 6. November 04 konnte das neu erstellte Eisfeld der Bodensee-Arena der Öffentlichkeit übergeben werden. Probieren auch Sie wieder einmal auf den Kufen über das Eis zu schweben!
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