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Sunny valle di Cresciano

One of Ticino’s most beautiful canyons with loads of slides, great jumps in emerald-green pools and plenty of places to rope your way around! A perfect outdoor playground for adults.

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Who says that canyons are generally narrow, cold and gloomy? Close to Biasco, the beautiful Boggera Canyon in the valle di Cresciano proves just the opposite! Here you discover an open, sunny and fun canyon with great views of the chestnut forests of the Ticino Alps. And the grinding forces of the crystal-clear waters have left their mark every step of the way with some most fascinating rock formations. Jump into this exciting basin of rock, rope your way down behind the veil of an effervescent waterfall and enjoy the thrills of a variety of different water slides. Not only the adrenaline kicks are sure to make you hold your breathe, instead the almost magical sights of the crystal-clear pools of water glistening in a play of light surrounded by stunningly beautiful white granite too.

This entertaining canyon with great fun factor is interesting for both novices and keen and experienced canyonists, as it offers time to get enjoyably settled in the upper half, and plenty of slowly increasing action - up to action packed- in the second. The jumps (all optional) slides and abseil lengths get longer and more exciting the further you progress. Enjoy canyoning at its best!


Canyon: Riale di Boggera
Where: Cresciano
Activities: Canyoning
Levels of difficulty: + to ++ (according to each stretch)

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