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하슬리베르그 알프스 타워 360도 파노라마, 2,250m


Käserstatt: Bidmi, Hasliberg-Meiringen

Käserstatt: Bidmi, Hasliberg-Meiringen

Käserstatt: Lake Brienz

Käserstatt: Lake Brienz

High above Meiringen on Planplatten, the panorama restaurant Alpen Tower has been presiding over the area. The Alpen Tower can be reached fast and easily from Mägisalp by the 8-seat cablecar.

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요리메뉴: 알파인 타워 익스프레스(Alpine Tower Express)를 타고 하슬리베르그(Hasliberg)까지 이동한 뒤에 파노라마 경치가 일품인 알파인 타워 레스토랑에 들려보자. 남부 지방의 파스타 스페셜 요리와 다양한 샐러드를 와인을 곁들여 맛볼 수 있다.


Local name of place: Planplatten

Altitude: 2,250 meters above sea level

Accessibility: gondola, ski run

Number of seats: ca. 230 (interior), ca. 140 (exterior)

Deck chairs:no


Overnight accommodation: no

Hours of operation – Winter: Mid December to April

Hours of operation – Summer: Mid June to mid October

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