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Institut Villa Pierrefeu, Glion-sur-Montreux.

Institut Villa Pierrefeu, Glion-sur-Montreux.

Caux: Les Rocher-de-Naye (Est)

Caux: Les Rocher-de-Naye (Est)

Caux: Rochers de Naye

Caux: Rochers de Naye

Elegant, exclusive, challenging, charming and practical, Institut Villa Pierrefeu (IVP) will prepare you for a role in the business world and in society, aiming to help you become both an efficient, creative hostess as well as a career woman who understands varied cultural customs and is more effective in multicultural environments and dealings.

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Founded in 1954, IVP has developed a unique know-how in International Business and Social Etiquette as well as Diplomatic Protocol.

The Finishing programmes (Summer & School Year), whilst keeping the best of tradition, have evolved through time to encompass a true multi-cultural experience, covering 20 countries on 5 continents.

As practice plays a key role in our teaching, you will enjoy our purposely designed campus where you can develop efficiency and proficiency in all aspects of Hostessing, Cooking and Home Management along with a greater knowledge of the manners of both western and non-western cultures.

In these programmes, each subject is a unique piece of a puzzle linked to the other by the curriculum resulting in truly complete Finishing programmes.


Pierrefeu makes the difference!
“I graduated from Institut Villa Pierrefeu over 25 years ago. It still stands out in my life as one of the best years of my life. I have used the unique skills and knowledge innumerable times, both personally and professionally.” (USA Jan-06)

Students: Women only. Age: 18, no upper age limit.

For information on visiting the school as a group, please contact Premium Switzerland

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