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Energy City Initiated in 2001 by the SuisseEnergie (Swiss Energy) programme as a "platform for an intelligent energy policy", the "Cités de l'énergie" (Energy Cities) promote the use of renewable energy sources, supportable environmental mobility and sustainable resource management. Basel is one of 355 Energy Cities in Switzerland. Link to the Energy Cities (german / french / italian only)

European Energy Award Gold - pilot city for the 2000 watt society Basel has been awarded the European Energy Award® Gold for its advanced commitment to sustainable energy policy. This is the highest certification that Energy Cities can obtain and means they have implemented at least 75% of their commitment plan. Basel is also a pilot city for the 2000 watt society.

Mobility Ticket - Free use of public transport Each guest staying in a hotel in Basel receives a card granting free use of public transport in and around the town throughout his stay.

Messe Basel and convention centre The convention centre forms part of the MCH group which manages 3 sites in Switzerland. The group has a Sustainable Development Charter that covers all areas of CSR. Great importance was attached to the aspect of energy efficiency. The new construction will be awarded the BS-054 Minergy Label, a Swiss system that denotes buildings of High Environmental Quality (HEQ). All the heating, ventilation and refrigeration systems are operated only when required, and most of the waste heat is re-used. Now that the new complex has been finished, work has also started on installing a photovoltaic system on the green roof.

RadissonBlu Basel, Green Key certified The hotel is Green Key certified and offers the option to book green seminars via its Green Point package. Local produce is served during meals and coffee breaks, pens and paper are recycled or FSC certified, and 1 Swiss franc is donated to the World Childhood Foundation

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