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"엥가디나(Engiadina)" 는 작지만 친절한 서비스를 제공하는 호텔로, 지역에서 생산된 나무 자재로 만들어지고 엥가딘 스크라피토(sgraffito)로 장식되어 있다. 밝은 객실에서는 멋진 산악 경치를 감상할 수 있고, 아담한 레스토랑과 전원풍의 가든 테라스는 손님들에게 편안한 휴식을 제공한다. 따뜻한 배려심이 묻어나는 호텔 서비스와 신선하게 준비된 지역 특선요리, 그리고 다양한 와인 리스트가 휴가를 즐기러 온 이들에게 각양각색의 즐거움을 선사한다.

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연인을 위한 스위스 호텔

Ftan is a quiet, pretty, typical Engadine village situated at 1650 metres by the gateway to the Swiss National Park.

It has an idyllic location on a sunny plateau with panoramic views across the lower Engadine dolomites.

A unique flora and fauna in the summer, the countless golden larches in the autumn and the attractive offering of winter sports activities will leave no wish unfulfilled for sports-keen nature lovers and the relaxation-seeking guest.


The hotel "Engiadina" is situated in the small village Ftan, a typical and well preserved Engadine-mountain-village on 1650 metres above sea level, with an impressing architecture. Enjoy the grandiose view over the mountains. A dry and mild climate in spite of the altitude is very special in this area. A rare biodiversity and an intact natural scenery are a great experience for nature-lovers and hikers. Not far from the hotel are the bus-station and the valley station of the chair-lift going up to the ski and hiking area Prui / Motta Naluns. In summer, Ftan is the ideal starting point for walking and bike-tours on both sides of the Inn-valley as well as to the near Swiss National Park. In winter, well prepared ski pistes in each degree of difficulty, trails for cross-country skiing and sliding and finally lot of winter-hiking paths won't anyone let to be bored.


훌륭한 호텔. 커플들에게 인기. “최상의 조식”.

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