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Feld: Binntal - Imfeld

Feld: Binntal - Imfeld

Binn: Schmidigehischre - Lengtal

Binn: Schmidigehischre - Lengtal

A stay in this hotel becomes a journey through time, because the traditional Hotel Ofenhorn is steeped in history. Rooms, passages and dining room exude the spirit of the Belle Époque, for the original furniture and decorations from the time the hotel was founded still grace the interior spaces. Some of the rooms were renovated to be cosy, while four were lovingly restored as "nostalgic rooms" and are reminiscent of the pioneering days of the hotel industry. Even the restaurant keeps to the traditional with its Valais specialities.

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The hotel was built 125 years ago for English visitors - Winston Churchill also stayed in the Binn Valley in 1897. The spirit of the Belle Époque, the pioneering days of the hotel industry, is still felt today: Originally preserved floors, ceilings and walls decorated in the Biedermeier and Art Nouveau styles, with furniture dating from the founding period. The hotel is a listed building and was honoured in 2008 with the label "Swiss Historic Hotels".

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For more than 125 years now, the Hotel Ofenhorn in the romantic Binn Valley has provided hikers, geologists and nature lovers with an ideal base for expeditions all through the valley.

An impressive stone edifice, it dominates the nationally important village of Binn with its typically Valaisan-style wooden chalets.

The hotel was purchased by the Pro Binntal Cooperative in 1987 so as to save it from closure and dereliction.

During the past few years, it has been stylishly renovated and restored in close cooperation with the authorities responsible for historic monuments.

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