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스위스정부관광청 공식 추천

중심부에 자리잡은 호텔은 1862년에 지어진 역사가 있는 건물에 지어졌고, 뉴샤텔(Neuchâtel) 호반에 위치하고 있다. 2004년 이후로 이브 피아제(Yves Piaget)의 소유가 되었고, 그 이후로 대대적인 개축 공사가 행해졌다. 66개의 아름답게 꾸며진 객실과 스위트 룸이 있고, 모던한 스파, 큰 파노라마 테라스, 그리고 여러 차례 상을 수상한 지중해 요리 레스토랑이 있어 이 독특한 호텔에서의 편안한 휴식을 돕는다.

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연인을 위한 스위스 호텔

연인을 위한 스위스 디럭스 호텔

A place of rest where you will enjoy superior service as well as majestic views of the lake and Swiss Alps. Different from the norm in that we have 7 large seminar rooms - the biggest seating up to 300 people. This hotel's exclusive added value - create a watch of your very own in the Swiss watch metropolis and enjoy the largest selection of traditional Absinthes in Switzerland.

호텔 상세정보

  • - Radio in all rooms
  • - Telephone in all rooms
  • - T.V. in all rooms
  • - Mini bar in all rooms
  • - Room with bathroom
  • - Air conditioning
  • - Gymnastics/work-out room
  • - Especially quiet rooms
  • - Non-smoking hotel
  • - Central location
  • - Suitable for the handicapped
  • - Historical building
  • - Lift
  • - Public restaurant
  • - Open deck/garden restaurant
  • - Non-smoking tables
  • - Restaurant with view
  • - Whole foods cuisine
  • - Bar
  • - Separate garage belonging to hotel
  • - Public parking spots
  • - Separate parking spots belonging to establishment
  • - Pets allowed
  • - conferences/seminars
  • - Meeting room
  • - Near train station
  • - Near bus stop
  • - Member SHV


Access : Motorway from Bern or Lausanne, exit Serrières. Direction city center. Hotel Beau-Rivage is located near the parking Place Pury.


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