Klosterhotel St. Petersinsel (Unique)


스위스정부관광청 공식 추천
Erlach BE: Erlach

Erlach BE: Erlach

Erlach BE: Erlach

Erlach BE: Erlach

Located in a former convent, this hotel is a singular experience. Located quietly and proudly in Lake Biel on St Petersinsel [St Peter Island], it has 13 authentic rooms, each offering an individual experience of different periods. All have been redesigned with much respect for the historical structure. The culinary offerings are shaped by the products and recipes of the surrounding area and its monastic past. Their own island wine and Natura Beef supplied by the island's farmers have become an integral part of the menu.

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Formerly a Cluniac monastery, here monastic simplicity is combined with a modern appreciation of style. Awarded in 2010 for "providing an experience of approximately 1000 years of European cultural and architectural history". The composition of the building, the unspoilt natural surroundings and fine gastronomy makes every stay a pleasure. Formerly Jean-Jacques Rousseau's haven.


Historic hotel of the year 2010

The Restaurant & Klosterhotel St. Petersinsel has received the Historic Hotel of the Year Award 2010 «for bringing to life nearly 1000 years of European culture and architecture which, in combination with a pristine natural landscape and eclectic gastronomy, represent a unique experience for all the senses». The important elements of the historic structure have been highlighted in an exemplary manner and give the visitor an opportunity to experience the atmosphere of bygone eras. The historical past merges with modernity, resulting in a stylish yet understated design. By means of architecture, cultural history and scenic surroundings, the Monastery Hotel St. Peter’s Island offers today’s visitors a magnificent travel experience where yesterday and today are harmoniously blended.

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