Hohsaas Ski Run


Saas Grund - Kreuzboden

Saas Grund - Kreuzboden

Hohsaas, Saas-Grund

Hohsaas, Saas-Grund



This delightfully long downhill run in the Saas-Grund area is set against a backdrop of high-Alpine scenery. Starting at the Hohsaas cableway top station, it first crosses spacious slopes before taking you down to the village in the valley.

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The Saas-Grund ski area is nestled into the flanks of the two four-thousand-metre Weissmies and Lagginhorn peaks and reaches an altitude of 3,200m. Hence high-Alpine fun and a strong certainty of snow are guaranteed. This moderately difficult run from the highest point at Hohsaas to Saas-Grund provides glorious, extended pleasure with stunning views. In the upper part you have a choice between the glacier slope on the Trift Glacier and the somewhat more spacious Wiesmies slope.


Starting point: Hohsaas (3200 m a.s.l.)

Accessibility of starting point: Gondelbahn, Sessellift

Destination: Saas-Grund (1560 m a.s.l.)

Length: 9.67km bzw. 10.95km

Altitude difference: 1640 Meter

Gradient: 36.4% (average), 78% (maximum)

Level of difficulty: medium (normal slope)

Food and beverages: at the start, on the way and at the end

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