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Brunnen SZ: Mositunnel - Nord

Brunnen SZ: Mositunnel - Nord

Brunnen SZ: Port - de - Brunnen

Brunnen SZ: Port - de - Brunnen

Learn about the secrets of making cherry schnaps.

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추천해 주셔서 감사합니다.
The organisation "Kirschstrasse" (translated "cherry schnaps street") offers plenty of activities, seminaries and visits around the famous "Kirsch" schnaps.
The Arth region has a long tradition of growing cherries. The greatest pleasure is to partake of this seductive fruit as a drink with a high percentage of alcohol: cherry liqueur is the “water of life” that pleases the senses. On a guided tour through Dettling House in Brunnen, which was founded in 1867, visitors learn about the production process and try selected high quality cherry liqueurs. Alternatively, one can make one’s own cherry liqueur in an old distillery dating back to the 17th century on a farm in Arth.

Visits are also possible in the following distilleries:
S. Fassbind AG in Oberarth Etter Söhne AG in Zug

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