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Well located hotel on the Monte Verità in the Bauhaus style. Founded by idealistic naturalists and vegetarians, it is still a place of encounter, philosophy and ideas today. Extensive renovations have been carried out in 2008. Restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine, fine dining room and terrace with a gorgeous view.

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Enthusiastic members of the vegetarian colony discovered the Monte Verità above Ascona at the beginning of the 20th century and saw it as the location for their utopian vision of a different world. Baron von der Heidt developed the building as a cultural centre in 1926. Thanks to renovations, the architectural and ideological influences of this building's 100-year history shine in new splendour in a balance between rationality and imagination today.


Historic Hotel of the year 2013

호텔 상세정보

  • - Radio in all rooms
  • - Telephone in all rooms
  • - Room with bathroom
  • - Tennis courts
  • - Especially quiet rooms
  • - Non-smoking hotel
  • - Non-smoking rooms
  • - Especially quiet location
  • - Garden/parking facilities
  • - Historical building
  • - Lift
  • - Public restaurant
  • - Open deck/garden restaurant
  • - Non-smoking tables
  • - Snack restaurant
  • - Restaurant with view
  • - Bar
  • - Separate parking spots belonging to establishment
  • - Pets allowed
  • - conferences/seminars
  • - Meeting room
  • - Hikers
  • - Member SHV


Reach Locarno In order to reach the Monte Verità Centre in Ascona, whether you fly or travel by train from within Europe, you must first get to Locarno, the closest railway station to Ascona. Visit the National Railway's website (SBB), insert the starting station and the arrival station (TO: Locarno) to get all the informations about the possible connections. From Locarno to Monte Verità Once in Locarno, you can reach Monte Verità as follows: Public bus Bus Nr. 1 from Locarno railway station to Ascona (stop Ascona Posta) and then Bus Nr. 5 ("Buxi") from Ascona to Monte Verità. Duration: 15-20 minutes for Line Nr 1. + 8 minutes for Line Nr. 5. Cost: 2.20 CHF for one way ticket from Locarno to Ascona + 2.00 CHF for a one way ticket of the Buxi from Ascona to Monte Verità Schedules: Line Nr. 1 and Line Nr. 5.

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