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스위스정부관광청 공식 추천
Stafelti: Dachberg

Stafelti: Dachberg

The hotel and restaurant Alpina, stylishly renovated by the Graubünden architect Gion A. Caminada, is on the village square in Vals and is characterised by one thing above all else: tasteful comfort. The restaurant overlooks the busy village square, while the cosy bar exudes traditional charm, and the elegant ambience in the newly refurbished lounge is really impressive. The chef treats guests to fresh, wholesome Graubünden specialities.

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The renowned architect Gion A. Caminada rebuilt the family-owned hotel situated directly at the village square of Vals, giving it a fresh, modern look. Local materials such as oak and larch wood together with quartzite dominate the interior design. The cuisine also favors market-fresh regional produce, and the guests can enjoy local dishes in the cozy restaurant. Close by: the world-renowned thermal spa designed by Peter Zumthor.

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Vals is a historic village in the middle of wild and romantic mountains.

From here it is easy to reach an extensive network of footpaths and a lovely skiing area on the Dachberg.

The world-famous baths are just five minutes' walk from the Hotel Alpina.

Not only is the setting typically Swiss, but the hotel is too. For example, the food, with the menu featuring organic beef from the farm village of Leis, locally hunted game and, in spring, trout from the mountain streams around Vals, and locally reared lamb.


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