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A little gem! Hosts Moritz and Margret Eggs set out to offer guests what cannot be ordered in any catalogue, namely cordial hospitality and personal service. The 17 no-smoking rooms in their typical chalet-style hotel are pleasantly homely in character with superior three-star comforts and a high feel-good factor. With an easy-going atmosphere and the very best of Switzerland's culinary traditions, guests here can be sure of an unforgettable holiday.

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Situated in the charming Obergoms, the Hotel Binnenhorn commands panoramic views of the Alps of incomparable beauty.

The picturesque village of Reckingen is located in the heart of the Obergoms at an altitude of 1315 m.

It owes its character to its houses made of scorched larch, the time honoured arts and crafts cultivated here and a lovely Baroque church and is certainly well worth visiting, especially by those interested in past times.

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