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Schangnau: Skilifte Bumbach

Schangnau: Skilifte Bumbach

Bumbach: Rosegglilift 1. Sektion

Bumbach: Rosegglilift 1. Sektion

Kemmeriboden-Bad has been welcoming guests for more than 150 years and hence has a long tradition of hospitality. The hotel was in family hands right from the start. Originally a spa hotel, these days it offers rest and relaxation plus fine dining in a lovingly restored building with every conceivable comfort and a modern infrastructure. In the mean time, it has more than 30 rooms to offer: from doublerooms, to mini-suite, family rooms and multi-bed rooms. Famed throughout the region for its cuisine, the hotel serves creations ranging from the classic to the contemporary made only with fresh produce, most of it sourced locally.

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For mountainbikers and cyclists

Historic and typical 3-star country hotel with 30 double, family and theme rooms, run already by the sixth family generation. Quality sleep with rooms newly furnished only recently. The heart of Emmental is an Eldorado for bikers and lies along the national panorama route number 2. Good home-style catering with regional specialities such as Bern-style platter and meringues. “Snack-strong” biking bags filled with apples and mineral water. Bike maps and bike room with small repairs set.

연인을 위한 스위스 호텔

The Hotel Kemmeriboden-Bad is located near the wildly romantic headwaters of the river Emme.

It is therefore an ideal starting point for unforgettable hikes into the Emmental, the UNESCO protected Entlebuch biosphere and Thunersee-Hohgant nature park.

Hotel guests no longer seek relief from sulphurous baths, but they still appreciate hot-tubs and the meringues for which Kemmeriboden is famous.


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