Placidus a Spescha Piste


Disentis: dir. nord

Disentis: dir. nord

Disentis: Eglise

Disentis: Eglise

Disentis › Süd: Lai Alv

Disentis › Süd: Lai Alv

The slopes in the Disentis ski area are considered to be easy to moderately difficult and hence they also suitable for less experienced skiers. Having said that, you still need to be fairly fit in order to tackle the 10 km descent that follows the trail set by mountaineering pioneer Placidus a Spescha.

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Placidus a Spescha was an extremely athletic monk who lived in the Benedictine monastery at Disentis in the late 18th century. His achievements include being the first to climb the 3,027-metre-high Piz Ault high above the abbey village. One of the finest descents in the Disentis ski area was named after this mountaineering pioneer. The Placidus a Spescha Piste affords marvelous views and enjoys a sunny location. It leads from the foot of the Piz Ault over several altitude levels, and finally through a forest to Sontga Catrina above the village.


Starting point: Pez Ault (2780 m a.s.l.)

Accessibility of starting point: mountain train, chairlift

Destination: S.Catrina (1210 m a.s.l.)

Length: 10.3 km

Altitude difference: 1570 Meter

Gradient: 20% (average), 50% (maximum)

Level of difficulty: difficult (normal slope)

Food and beverages: on the way

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