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The Bulle Francomanias – a festival of French music and song, created in 1990-
For 4 days, well-known artists as well as new talent from the French-speaking world follow one after another on 2 different stages of between 1,300 and 2,300 seats in a setting that has bars and food stands. There atmosphere in Bulle is unique!

These Francomanias have come to be one of the “musts” of French-speaking Switzerland. The Festival enjoys a reputation that reaches the whole French-speaking world, both because of its history and the atmosphere at the performances, and because of the quality of its programme. An event also valued by the performers, who appreciate in particular their contact with the public. Long live a unique, original rendez-vous at which Bulle, for a whole week, throbs with the rhythm of the Francomanias!

Les billets sont en vente sur www.starticket.ch ou à l@Billetterie de Bulle.



Espace Gruyère
Rue de Vevey 136-144
1630 Bulle

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