Küssnacht am Rigi

Luzern – Vierwoudstedenmeer

Küssnacht SZ: Golf Club Küssnacht - Grossarni - Rigi - Bürgenstock - Pilatus

Küssnacht SZ: Golf Club Küssnacht - Grossarni - Rigi - Bürgenstock - Pilatus

Küssnacht SZ › Süd-Ost: Küssnacht - Vierwaldstättersee

Küssnacht SZ › Süd-Ost: Küssnacht - Vierwaldstättersee

The tranquil central Swiss holiday and excursion region around Küssnacht am Rigi lies where Tell once felled his adversary, Gessler. The Seebodenalp is a vista-rich plateau half-way up the “queen of the mountains”, the Rigi.

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"He must come through this hollow way, no other path leads to Küssnacht", exclaimed the brave Willhelm Tell, as he watched out for the despotic bailiff Gessler, in order to fell him with an arrow from his crossbow. This is how Tell’s story unfolds from the quill of author Schiller. More than 700 years later, the "Hohle Gasse" or hollow way is a well-worthwhile and luckily no longer a fear-inducing walk that leads as far as Gesslerburg. The history of Swiss national heroes is made perceptible, visible and audible in the information pavilion sited between Küssnacht am Rigi and Immensee.


Küssnacht am Rigi is situated at the end of the so-called Küssnachtersee, an arm of the convoluted Lake Lucerne. In summer, regular boat services operate to and from nearby Lucerne. Küssnacht has a beautiful lakeshore promenade and is centrally located for excursions in central Switzerland: the shores of neighbouring Lake Zug are a little over 2 km away and direct trains to Lucerne and the key transfer stations of central Switzerland stop at Küssnacht railway station.

A short aerial cableway leads from Küssnacht to the Seebodenalp on the Rigi. Situated at around 1,000 metres above sea level, fantastic views of the Pilatus and foothills to the Alps –even right to the Jura and the Vosges mountains on clear days – await visitors. The walk from the Seebodenalp up to the Chänzeli and further on to Rigi-Kaltbad, cableway station for the trip to Rigi-Kulm or down to the lake is especially popular due to the wonderful views that unfold en route.


  • Seebodenalp – situated at ‘hip height’ on the queen of mountains (aerial cableway from Küssnacht). One of the most popular walks in central Switzerland leads on to Rigi-Kaltbad.
  • Rigi – in the heart of central Switzerland, surrounded by Lakes Lucerne, Zug and Lauerz. The sunrises on Rigi-Kulm are legendary.
  • Lake Lucerne – historic paddlewheel steamers and lounge motor vessels beckon visitors to discover the landscape from a nautical vantage point. Boat routes from Küssnacht am Rigi in the summer.
  • Lake Zug – the shore locality of Immensee with its own boat landing stage lies just over 2 km from Küssnacht.
  • Lucerne – the train journey from Küssnacht am Rigi to the central Swiss cultural and shopping metropolis, or directly to the Swiss Museum of Transport, with its own railway station, barely takes 20 minutes.

Top Events

  • Shrove Tuesday – the Küssnacht Shrove Tuesday has its own rules: “Fat Tuesday” is held earlier here than elsewhere (February).
  • ’Chlausjagen’ (Chasing Santa Claus) – originally a pagan custom aimed at driving away the winter spirits, it later attracted a Christian element with oversized bishops’ mitres (‘Infuln’) and Santa Claus (‘Samichlaus’) (December).
  • Küssnacht summer concerts – free concerts are held in the Seehof Garten directly by the lakeshore on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings in the summer.
  • Seenachtsfest – in common with many lakeshore localities, Küssnacht am Rigi also celebrates its traditional ‘Seenacht’ festival (July).

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