11:00 - 14:30 MET

Inhoud delen

Bedankt voor uw waardering

30 treasure chests are hidden beforehand, then covered by snow in a cordoned off area measuring approximately 80 x 30 metres. Each of these chests contains a prize. As soon as the starting signal sounds, it is time to find and dig out these treasure chests with the help of the tools provided. The prize in the chest belongs to the participant who has uncovered the chest. Participation is free of charge. Each treasure chest has a number and must be deposited at the checkpoint when it is found.



3818 Grindelwald

Prijs CHF

Participation is free of charge.


The treasure hunt starts at 11:00 AM. The treasure hunt ends at 2:30 PM.

Die hier vermelde info worden door de regionale/lokale bureaus of voor toerisme of andere organisatoren verzorgd, waardoor Zwitserland Toerisme niet garant kan staan voor de inhoud ervan.

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