1st August



Inhoud delen

Bedankt voor uw waardering

Come and celebrate Swiss National Day with us!

Saas-Fee, 1. August
Beside folkloristic performances of some associations of Saas-Fee as the folkloristic dance group, the alphornfriends of the glacier village, the yodelling club Gletscherecho, the Music of old times and the wind orchestra Alpenrösli a music band will be setting the mood and invite for a swinging evening.

Saas-Grund, 1. August
It's already the 45rd street-parade with the motto "Life in the olden times in the Saas Valley". Over 35 very impressively decorated floats display the customs and traditions of the people of the Saas Valley.

Saas-Balen (31. July)
And also in Saas-Balen the traditional festivities will take place. Please note: the festivities in this community will already take place on the 31 July.



Alter Dorfplatz
3910 Saas-Grund

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