The highest vineyards in Europe


Visperterminen › Ost: Giw

Visperterminen › Ost: Giw

Visperterminen: Bergstation - Rothorn

Visperterminen: Bergstation - Rothorn

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Visperterminen › Nord: Wallis - Schweiz

The highest vineyards in Europe, Visperterminen

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Surrounded by Switzerland’s highest mountains, the vineyards of Visperterminen flourish at altitudes of up to 1,150 metres – higher than anywhere else in Europe. Among the grape varieties cultivated here is the rare Heida, which grows well at these heights. Visits to the cellars and vineyards are possible, along with wine tastings; reservations recommended.

Guided Hiking Tours in the most beautiful vineyards

Adventurous hikes through the most beautiful vineyards of Switzerland. Introduction to the secrets of the Swiss winery. Animation and information of the viticulture and the wine-making. Afterwards visit a cellar for a wine tasting.

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