Le Gruyère AOP

The delicious and versatile cheese from western Switzerland.

All over the world gourmets and experts appreciate Gruyère AOP for its unique flavour. This popular cheese has been made for centuries in the countryside around the village of Gruyères, and today is still produced in the traditional way in the cheese dairies of western Switzerland.
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400 litres of milk for 1 wheel of cheese

To make one wheel of cheese weighing 35 kg, around 400 litres of fresh raw milk are needed. The cows that provide this precious raw material spend the summer feeding on meadow grass, and the winter feeding on hay. No additives to the cows’ diet are permitted. During the long aging period, the cheeses are regularly turned over and rubbed with brine, which accelerates the aging process from the rind inward, and helps to give Gruyère AOP its unique flavour. The AOP label (registered designation of origin) guarantees that only cheese that meets the strict quality control requirements and relevant specifications can be sold as Gruyère AOP.

Pleasure at many levels

Gruyère AOP belongs on every cheese platter. It makes an excellent dessert cheese, a tasty snack with crispy bread, and can be used in all manner of dishes. And of course, a genuine fondue always contains some Gruyère AOP!


La Maison du Gruyère a Pringy

A visit to the “house of Gruyère” is an experience for all the senses. Sounds from nature, and the fragrant scent of alpine meadows and of hay, accompany you as you venture into the world of Gruyère AOP. You can watch the cheese makers at work, of course, in the dairy; sample authentic Gruyère AOP specialities in the restaurant, with its terrace; and buy cheese from the shop, along with other specialities and gifts from the region.

Tel. +41 (0)26 921 84 00,

Summer cheese hike

Discover the glorious natural landscape of the Gruyères region on a two-hour hike from Pringy to Moléson-Village (or viceversa). The hike links two cheese dairies; visit both to receive a souvenir certificate.

Tel. +41 (0)26 921 85 00,

Les Martel cheese dairy

The show-dairy at Les Ponts-de-Martel demonstrates the making of Gruyère AOP, and offers tastings. Cheese lovers can watch an informative film on the production and aging of Gruyère AOP, followed by a hearty breakfast.

Tel. +41 (0)32 937 16 66,

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