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Bündner Pasta with a Touch of Italianita.

Bündner pasta met een zweem Italianità.


Spinach beet leaves with an inner life

Capuns zijn geen gerecht, maar een filosofie.

With the gourmets of Graubünden

Completely natural.

Bündnerfleisch (air-dried beef), Nusstorte (walnut cake), and tasty Capuns (chard dumplings) are all specialities from Switzerland’s largest holiday region. Less well known, but no less exquisite, are the wines produced in the small but superb Bündner Herrschaft area. Cheers – or as we say here, Viva!

Tradition at its finest – rediscovered.

The flavourful cooking of Graubünden evolved in relative isolation, long unnoticed by the outside world. Though only recently rediscovered, it has a tradition going back thousands of years. Its dishes, which often bear names in the Rhaeto-Romanish language spoken here, are so well established that it would be impossible to conceive of local menus without specialities such as Pizokels (buckwheat gnocchi), Capuns (chard-wrapped dumplings), or Plain in pigna (baked potato pudding with ham and bacon).