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De Switzerland Meeting Trophy

Ontdek Zwitserland op een unieke manier en ervaar de ‘Switzerland Meeting Trophy’. Op originele en professionele wijze maakt u kennis met Zwitserland, als meeting-, incentive-, congres- en evenementenbestemming. Deelnemers ervaren Zwitserland door middel van een bijzonder programma, dat aangeboden wordt door onze partners (bestemmingen en service providers). Een uitstekende kans om contacten op te doen. Nergens anders in Europa vindt een dergelijke studiereis plaats. Meeting Trophy is niet zo maar een studiereis, het is een unieke beleving. Onderstaand enige bevindingen van deelnemers van voorafgaande jaren. Ps. Daarnaast organiseren wij regelmatig interessante en constructieve studiereizen. Meer informatie? Neem contact met ons op.

Inhoud delen

Bedankt voor uw waardering
Jose Scholma, ATP Groups & Incentives (Team Netherlands 2014)
A fam trip like no other! An amazing experience to get to know a destination by doing a rally. And the international character of the event by having different country teams makes it really interesting and fun as well. You are not just being shown locations and places, but you are participating and especially that involvement makes that you really get to know Switzerland and the places you visit. It was extremely well organized and definitely a trip to recommend to future event planners. Many thanks to all who have helped organizing it! You are great, keep it up and on to the next 10 years of the trophy!

Mireille Huberts, Experience in Travel (Team Netherlands 2014)
I was one of the lucky few who were invited to the Switzerland Meeting Trophy 2014. A great way to get to know Switzerland (even better). Inspiring to see, to meet and exchange experiences. All those energetic and creative people together, a fantastic setting! The different possibilities of transportation that Switzerland can offer have been included in the program combined with appropriate group activities. I've experienced Switzerland as one of the most diverse and friendliest countries in the world with an extreme potential for the MICE business/industry. This fantastic educational trip helps me to give more effort to selling groups to Switzerland than I already did. Thanks to the organization of the Switzerland Meeting Trophy. You did a GREAT job!

Julie van der Kuil, CWT Meetings & Events (Team Netherlands 2013)
The Swiss Meeting Trophy is the perfect way to get familiar with some of the possibilities that Switzerland has to offer for the MICE market. We have had the opportunity to see and experience Basel, Zurich, Bad Ragaz and Arosa. All 4 locations were well integrated into a cultural, active, interesting and competitive program. You get to enjoy the Swiss Cuisine, experience different types of transportation, learn about the culture and appreciate the beautiful nature. The whole trip is perfectly managed, they have thought about every detail of the program. It is good to experience yourself how important it is to make sure a program fits, from A to Z!

Corinne Nobel, BCD Travel Groups Department (Team Netherlands 2013)
What a way to discover Switzerland! The Meeting Trophy is all about “experience”. Experiencing the country, the transportation, the food and the very nice weather. Everything was so well organized that even us “professionals” could trust all would be taken care of. So we could just focus on being part of the Meeting Trophy challenge. Thanks to all involved for an experience I will never forget.

Frank Braams, GI Travel (Team Netherlands 2013)
It is a fact that exploring a destination yourself helps selling it. Well, we explored quite a lot during this Trophy; from travelling in classic railcars attached to the regular scheduled train versus first class rail travel, old trams with wooden interior versus modern convertible cars, crossing a lake by ferry versus lake crossing by pedalos, uphill by cable car versus downhill with a scooter…
And, hotel accommodation next to a state-of-the-art convention centre in Basel, in a cutting edge wellness centre in Bad Ragaz and in the heart of the mountain and snow sports centre Arosa…
Furthermore, this trip showed the unique environmental beauty of Switzerland, the feeling of well-being in the cities, the ability of a flawless organization and the enthusiasm of the (international) team of the Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau to sell their destination.
I really had a fantastic time during this edition of the Meeting Trophy!

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