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For this year'sedition Locarno Folk Festival proposes a varied menu with music from nearby Italy, Spain, Morocco as well as Ticino.

The program:

Thursday 18th August

18.00-19.30, sala Consiglio comunale Orselina:KORE -La danse de Perséphone (2013)
Film by Azzurra Lugari
with music by Officina Zoè
Introductionby Maristella Martella,choreograph of thefilm

20.00-21.30,Parco di Orselina:Officina Zoè (Puglia)
Songs and pizziche above sea
Dance: Maristella Martella

Firday 19thAugust

18.00-19.30, sala Consiglio comunale Orselina:Passione (2010)
Musical film by John Turturro about Napoli

20.00-23.00,Parco di Orselina:Le Malmaritate (Sicilia)
Songs and women's secrets

Stefano Saletti & Banda Ikona (Roma)
Sounds from border town

Saturday 20August

14.00-16.30, sala Consiglio comunale Orselina:Workshop di pizzica
with Teresa and Manù Munitello (Manu-Art)

17.30-19.30, sala Consiglio comunale Orselina:Workshop di canto e tamburello
with the Kalàscima

20.00-23.00,Parco di Orselina:Domo Emigrantes (Puglia/Sicilia/Siria)
Musics of the Mediterranean Sea

Kalàscima (Puglia)
Dance: Teresa e Manù Munitello (Manu-Art)

The program can be found in the website www.locarnofolk.ch .

Download the flyer of thefestival .

Information, contact and tickets: www.locarnofolk.ch (+41 78876 89 97),or by the Lago Maggiore Tourist Office in Locarno (tel. 0848 091 091)from July.



Parco Orselina
Via al Parco
6644 Orselina



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