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Sport and folklore in an unbeatable mountain setting, evening entertainment in a tent.

The 'Sertigschwinget' is one of the oldest sport events of its kind in the canton of Grison. Swiss wrestlers and spectators meet at a unique event that combines sport, folklore and tradition in the scenic mountain setting of the Sertig Valley. The friendly gathering in the mountains, with popular folk music entertainment, still attracts Swiss wrestling fans from all over the country after 81 years. Wrestling takes place in 12-metre-diameter rings of loose sawdust. A bout is ended when the back of one wrestler touches the sawdust, either completely or with the middle of both shoulder blades at the same time. If a bout is undecided after the time is up, a 'Gschtellten' or draw is given. After five bouts, the two wrestlers with the most points enter the ring for the final bout to compete for the title of festival victor



Festplatz Sertig

Davos Clavadel

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