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The traditional lake festival is organized on the castle meadow against the backdrop of the historic old town of Arbon.
The highlight of the lake festival shall once again be the big firework on Saturday night, which is ignited at 10:30 p.m. Set to music, it lights up the dark sky for 25 minutes. An other highlight will be the host of the Swiss Blobbling event, which will take place during all the festival at 11.00 a.m. At the festival site on the lakeshore, various music bands are playing and people are dancing. An attractive fairground, various small eateries and market stands complete the offer.
Take the bus or the train to the lake festival: organizers offer visitors the possibility to return home by public transport late on Saturday night, thanks to the participation of postal buses between Arbon and St.Gallen and the Thurbo Nightliner regional railway.
You may also opt for a cruise boat with music and dance on Lake Constance. Aboard you may party with stars from the Swiss popular music scene and contemplate the big fireworks at Arbon. As a culmination of the festival will be held on Sunday afternoon at 02:00 p.m. the lake jump challenge. The Lake Jump Challenge is a parachute jump-target competition and will be held with up to 10 international teams. After the jump from the helicopter at 1000m above ground the jumper to try a special parachute with the first contact with the ground to reach a given point.





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