28. AUG
-20. SEP

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The Bieler Fototage (photography days) offer the visitors a journey of discovery through photography and give them access to interesting locations of the city of Biel, the old town and the museum district. The localities withdraw their own importance and always allow the appropriate content for presentation. Therefore, the exhibition sites are of very different character: the classic areas of the PhotoforumPasquArt and the Neuhaus museum, various private galleries in the old town which owe their charm to their dimensions or vaults, as well as a public space, in which interventions to the exhibitions are held.



2500 Biel / Bienne

Die hier vermelde info worden door de regionale/lokale bureaus of voor toerisme of andere organisatoren verzorgd, waardoor Zwitserland Toerisme niet garant kan staan voor de inhoud ervan.

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