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On an adventure trail in the area around Beatenberg herbalist and pharmacist Markus Metzger will show you various healing plants and give you the chance to discover them using all of your senses.

On an hour-long excursion to spot these very special alpine plants you will become familiar with typical native healing plants and will find out all about how they are processed to be used as healing potions, plus lots of fascinating background information. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to mix your own herbal tea. In The Metzger natural pharmacy everything will be ready for you to create your own unique souvenir.



Prijs CHF

CHF 25.00 incl. a little tea bag


Daily on request

Die hier vermelde info worden door de regionale/lokale bureaus voor toerisme verzorgd, waardoor Zwitserland Toerisme niet garant kan staan voor de inhoud ervan.

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