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The Bachwochen Amsoldingen Thun were founded by the American flautist Besse Welsh in Amsoldingen at the Lake of Thun 26 years ago, in 1987. The festival was led by Professor Jakob Stämpfli from 2004 to 2007. The Bachwochen were founded in the church of Amsoldingen, which is now older than a thousand years, and known as a legendary place of power with an atmospheric ambiance and an unique acoustic. More concerts will take place in the city-church of Thun, in the Roman Scherzligchurch Thun, the Knight's hall in Thun Castle as well as in the Schaudauhall of the congress- and culture-center KKThun.
There is a reason why lots of festivals throughout the world are tributed to Bach. „Bach is the beginning and the end of all music“ said Max Reger. „He was the most universal componist of all times“ so Walter Gieseking. Ludwig van Beethoven labeled him as the „originator of Harmony“. Even the genius Mozart commented: „Oh well, there is something we can learn about.“ Bachs influence on music since 1800 and the occupation of many composers until the present day is unique.
The program at the Bachwochen Thun, consists of works of all epochs put into dialogue with works of Bach and the Bach family. You will be shown as much facettes of different interpretations and styles as possible. Old music will be played on new instruments in addition to the high specialized Barockensembles, so that the insights of historic methods can be assimilated in those interpretations.



Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Thun

Seestrasse 68


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