The Coffee Museum


Caffè Chicco d’Oro represents a coffee culture, characteristic of contemporary time. It derives, however, from a long tradition which is reflected in Chicco d’Oro’s "World of Coffee" museum.

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Chicco d’Oro established this museum to tell the history of coffee as a produce, to illustrate its economic importance and to document the value of this well-loved beverage Show panels depicting historical scenes, different machinery, devices and objects display the progress of processing the natural resource over the centuries. TFrom the early manual developments to today’s technological advancement. Those with insight see beyond the cold forms of simple old devices, sensing living witnesses of bygone rituals. In those days, a "coffee-break" was paid hommage to, either at home or at the century old coffee bars, with friends or where people met to enjoy moments of social gathering. Our everyday life still offers us such moments of relaxation too. The coffee ritual: to which the machines and devices also belong and with which this unique black elixir is procured from the wondrous shiny beans.

Season: January-June / September-December. Mo-Fr, 9:00/12:00 – 14:00/17:30. On demand.

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