Obersaxen Mundaun


A região de férias de Obersaxen-Mundaun / Ilanz / Val Lumnezia estende-se desde Ilanz, no vale em Surselva, nos Grisões, em uma direção, até a região de férias de Obersaxen, localizada num alto platô, contemplando o curso superior do Reno anterior e, na outra direção, até o Val Lumnezia. Comum às duas áreas é a longa cadeia de montanhas Mundaun que passa entre elas – uma região popular entre os praticantes de esqui e trilhas.

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The long Mundaun mountain range is an attractive hiking and skiing region. Innumerable hiking and bike trails give visitors a great deal to discover. A speedy scooter ride, a game of Pit Pat, an opportunity for gold panning and observing animals in the wild offer thrills and entertainment.

The deep gorges in this area prevented people from attending church services in the central hamlet of Meierhof, so 15 Baroque chapels were built in the “outposts” of Obersaxen. Today, a Walser Trail and a Chapels Trail tell the exciting history of the settlement.


In the charming scenery of this region, there are countless opportunities for hiking and a number of interesting themed walks. A hikers’ bus brings walkers to the starting point for their excursion. For mountain bikers, there is a network of marked routes in this region. For excursions, the Valser valley with its new thermal baths, the holiday region of Flims, the monastery at Disentis or the town of Chur are all within easy reach.


  • Obersaxen Walser Trail – informative themed walk about the history and life of the wandering Walser people.
  • Chapels Trail - 12 pretty chapels, some beautifully painted, on the Obersaxen plateau.
  • Piz Mundaun – family skiing area, linking the two holiday areas of Obersaxen and Val Lumnezia.

Principais Eventos

  • Hill climb in Obersaxen – a motorbiking event where you have to climb a virtually impregnable cliff face (June).
  • Opera Viva Obersaxen – selected operas performed in the hamlet of Meierhof (July).

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