Bürgenstock – Elevador de Hammetschwand

Bürgenstock / Vierwaldstättersee

Foi uma verdadeira sensação quando Franz-Josef Bucher-Durrer, o pioneiro de hotéis e estradas de ferro, construiu o elevador de Hammetschwand em Bürgenberg, em 1905.

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Since the beginning of the last century this has been the fastest way up to the highest vantage point around Lucerne. And from the Bürgenstock hotel over the rocky Felsenweg path to the valley station on the inside of the rocks, you’re back out in the fresh air after a single minute in the lift. Nights you see the lift illuminated in summer – and clearly visible from Lucerne.

Hiking paths lead from Hammetschwand back to the Bürgenstock – or you can go via "Känzeli" back to the Felsenweg path.


Altitude: 1128m
Three boat connections from Lucerne take you to Kehrsitten-Bürgenstock in summer; funicular rail from the lake to the Bürgenstock currently out of service; small bus from Stansstad to the Bürgenstock (pre-bookings); Felsenweg path to the valley station of the Hammetschwand lift (only runs in summer)
View: Over the Lake Lucerne "Kreuztrichter", Rigi, Mythen, Buochserhorn, Stanserhorn, Pilatus and Brünig Pass and Bernese Alps in the background
Attractions: The scenic Felsenweg path offers in-depth views over the lake across to the extraordinary lift
Culinary aspects: Restaurant & Pension Taverne 1879
Overnight stays: Restaurant & Pension Taverne 1879: 12 double rooms
Winter: Felsenweg path, Hammetschwand lift and the Hammetschwand mountain restaurant are not in operation during winter
Special comments: The Bürgenstock Resort is expected to be completed in 2014 and funicular rail from Lake Lucerne will not be in operation until 2015 ========================================================================

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