Cast your own bells


A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Visitors to the bell foundry in Berger in Bärau can now cast their own bells.

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Farmers began using cowbells so they could locate their cattle even in thick fog or at night. Today, the sound of cowbells is a familiar feature of many festivities and sporting events. You can even create a cowbell of your own, casting it yourself: just book in advance at the Berger foundry in Bärau. The first job is to decorate the sand moulds, after which guests are taken on a tour of the foundry while the metal is being heated up to 1100 degrees. Once it is molten, the bells are cast and just a short time later can be admired as unique works of craftsmanship.
Duration: 2h30
Number of participants: 2-35
Languages: German, English

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