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A large open air concert in the middle of the city: 40 free concerts in four different venues and on three consecutive evenings in Lugano (27-29.08.2015) and in Morcote (30.08.2015).

As always, you can expect to experience many outstanding performances. For four days, from 27 to 30 August, an incredible mix of New Orleans jazz, gospel and blues will be served up for you to enjoy.

By now, a summer in Lugano without this festival offering more than 60 hours of free entertainment in various places within the city’s pedestrian zone is simply unimaginable.

Four days of music from a wide range of genres and styles, a blend that is sure to amaze and thrill the large and loyal following. The Blues to Bop Festival will not only feature the customary incomparable and unusual variety of music. There will also be some new faces to see this year accompanied by sounds ranging from the early days of jazz to concert music, from bebop to gospel, from swing to boogie-woogie.

Inviting back the artists that are most popular with the knowledgeable audience - sometimes in an entirely different setting - has become a festival tradition.

Continuity at this year’s event is obviously ensured, but the festival will also include new highlights and surprises to liven up the heart of the city and culminating with a gospel concert on Sunday afternoon. This is your invitation to spend a few evenings enjoying excellent performances in the typical Lugano summertime ambiance.

As in the past, the grand finale will be held in Morcote where some of the best musicians of the 27th annual Blues to Bop Festival will make another appearance on stage.


Local do evento

6900 Lugano

Horários de abertura

Monday to Sunday

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