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For three nights, the city becomes a great open-air theatre offering more than 60 hours of free, live music on 4 different stages in Lugano (28-30.08.2014) in addition to those of Morcote (31.08.2014).

It still seems too early to talk about summer festivals, but the preparation of a new edition of Blues to Bop are in full swing, a big musical event – unique in its genre – that will bring cheer to the melancholic thought of the coming autumn.
For the 26° time the squares of the city center (Piazza della Riforma, Piazza Cioccaro, Piazza Dante, Piazzetta San Rocco) will accommodate four stages, on which about fifty musicians will perform in rotation in over forty concerts, with the possibility, at every moment, of choosing between different musical performances so as to satisfy the most varied musical preferences: this all offered – as usually – free of charge to the public. And what a public! The winning card of the Blues to Bop is the ambience which will be created in Lugano, an opinion shared, year after year, also by the participating musicians. Thousands of people will find plenty of enjoyment in remarkable locations, which vary from the intimacy of the Piazzetta San Carlo, to the atmosphere of the big events which reign in the Piazza della Riforma, and not forgetting that matchless and moving occasion when gospel music finds a unique moment on the Sunday afternoon. The 2014 edition of this music fair has in its program musicians of great caliber even if perhaps still little known at our latitudes: it will be the task of the public to discover and appreciate these extraordinary and distinctive personalities and to bring away a memorable keepsake. Also this year the specialist and the layman will find exciting things to participate in; Blues to Bop is the only festival of its kind in Europe.



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